Aqua Prazi Precautions

Aqua Meds Aqua Prazi

There are no precautions when using our Aqua Prazi praziquantel for treating koi pond fish flukes, it’s the safest, most effective koi pond prazi medication treatment on the market for treating koi pond fish flukes. Aqua Prazi does not stress your koi pond fish, burn their gills or set back your pond filter.

Our Aqua Prazi is manufactured in a FDA approved lab. Plus, Aqua Prazi praziquantel will also treat your koi pond fish for tape worms. In order for Aqua Prazi to its job, it’s very important that all carbon is removed from your pond filter and the light of your U.V. is shut off for the first 24 to 48 hours. No pond water changes for seven days. At the end of seven days no pond water change is needed. However, proper koi care takes at least a 10% water change once a week which helps keep your koi pond fresh and improves your koi fish health.