When should I use Aqua Prazi?

Aqua Meds Aqua Prazi
  • Treat with Aqua Prazi for fish flukes”every spring when you open your koi fish pond to protect them from koi fish flukes Springtime Koi Pond Care
  • Treat for koi fish flukes with Aqua Prazi two to three months before you close your koi fish pond down for the winter Koi Winter Pond Care
  • You should treat ALL new koi pond fish with Aqua Prazi for koi fish flukes ASAP
  • Koi pond fish that are flashing (rubbing on rocks or the sides and bottom of your pond) should be treated for koi pond fish flukes with Aqua Prazi.
  • If you own a microscope you’ll have no problem knowing if your koi fish have flukes, they show up very large under a microscope.