Aqua Prazi FAQ

Aqua Meds Aqua Prazi

Q: How often should I use Aqua Prazi in my koi pond fish pond?

A: Aqua Prazi should be used on new koi pond fish in quarantine, unless you can check a scrape under a microscope and are sure your new koi pond fish do not have fluke parasites. Treat with Aqua Prazi if your koi pond fish show the symptoms listed under Parasites Koi fish Flukes on this web site.

Many koi pond keepers find it a good practice to treat their koi pond fish for fluke parasites as soon as their koi pond fish start to eat in the spring. Plus, once before they put their fish to sleep in the fall. This is a very good koi care practice.


Any koi pond fish medication treatment that is used when not needed or overdosed becomes useless when you have a real problem. The parasites or bacteria become resistant to the treatment. I think a good example of this is “salt”. Years ago you could use a safe, natural treatment like salt to treat many of the small koi fish pond parasites like costia, trichodina and others.

Now because of the overuse and increase in the amount of salt used by pond keepers and many foreign koi breeders, we now have strains of salt resistant costia and trichodina and others. Just because some pond keepers and koi breeders thought more was better we lost a very safe natural treatment.


Q: Will we lose one of the safest, most gentle fluke treatment we ever had?

A: I could see this OVERKILL of a very good koi pond fish treatment problem happening to Prazi. I’ll never forget the OLD DAYS of the harsh, gill damaging treatments for fluke parasites we used. The koi pond fish medication treatments were more damaging and stressful to the koi pond fish than the fluke parasites.

Talking with some pond keepers, I keep hearing the same old story about prazi that I heard about salt, OVERDOSEOVERDOSEMORE IS BETTER!! NOT TRUE!! Please don’t follow this misleading advice.

Double check your calculations!
If you treat your koi pond fish for flukes with Aqua Prazi and you’re sure by using a microscope that your koi pond fish still have fluke parasites, double check the calculations of the number of gallons in your pond water and the dosage of Prazi is correct, then treat one more time.

Are you really willing to lose a safe, gentle koi fish pond treatment for flukes like Prazi, only to be left with HARSH CHEMICALS?

Ask yourself another question, are the pond keepers that are overdosing prazi pond treatments for flukes, using PURE prazi or the “CUT” (fillers added) prazi that is now being sold on the market by some greedy vendors?