Aqua Meds® Koi & Pond Care

Aqua Meds® specializes in formulating vital koi health care treatment and beneficial pond bacteria water treatment that target specific koi diseases in garden pond fish, and goldfish.

To insure that all of our exceptional koi health care treatment and garden pond treatment are of the highest quality and efficacy for your pond fish, koi, goldfish and ponds, we are proud to have Doctor Matthews as our expert koi health care and pond fish care consultant.

Dr. Matthews, a Veterinarian with a Doctor’s Degree in animal nutrition, is a highly respected specialist and expert in animal and Aqua-culture Nutrition.

He has spent much of his career on the research and development of cutting edge biotechnology for the Aqua-culture industry.

As such, we consider ourselves especially fortunate to be able to have Dr. Mathews provide his knowledge and experience. Dr. Mathews helps us bring the newest, most innovative and effective koi care and pond beneficial bacteria products to you, our valued customers.

We’re certain that you will always strive toward having a beautiful koi pond or water garden teeming with healthy and vibrant koi, goldfish and pond fish.

So let us, Dr. Matthews and our Dealers help you achieve that objective. Use Aqua Meds® koi care products.

By doing so you will provide your garden pond fish, koi and goldfish with the very best chance for health, energy, growth and longevity.

Plus, a very healthy, clean and clear koi pond and water garden for you to enjoy.

Thank you for your time and for looking at our products

Aqua Meds