100% Natural Koi Fish and Pond Care Products

Lilly from Aqua Meds

Aqua Meds® is proud to introduce our Go Aqua Meds® Green™ 100%NATURAL line of Koi and Pond care products!

When you see “Lilly” on our products
you know it’s 100% NATURAL Beneficial Bacteria!!

No Harsh Chemicals or Medications Added!!

No chemical stress on your fish!!

Saves their gills from chemical damage!!

Go Aqua Meds® Green™ products are none toxic to the environment!!

NOTE: The FDA, EPA and DEA are increasing their scrutiny of ornamental and tropical fish medications. The FDA has made a decision that as of Jan.1st. 2011 all ornamental and tropical fish medication are to be treated the same as animal medications, where in the past they were exempt. This means they will be under more strict government regulations.