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Will boost your KH (carbon hardness) in your koi pond which will bring your pH to a safe level

“Stop Deadly pH crashes!” “Improve the performance of your filter”

Aqua Meds® Buff-it-Up™ is a major breakthrough in pH and KH (carbon hardness) buffering technology.

Buff-it-Up will bring your pond water to an ideal pH and carbonate hardness. Buff-it-Up™ is an excellent calcium source, is gentle, safe, and enhances the freshwater environment.

Buff-it-Up™ will provide the following benefits to your pond and fish :

  • increases the KH (carbonate hardness) and stabilize your pH, stopping deadly overnight pH crashes
  • supports and helps grow the life saving beneficial bacteria in your pond filter, which require carbonates “KH” and a calcium source to flourish
  • improves the clarity of your pond water
  • raises carbonate hardness (KH) safely and maintains it for a longer period of time because it’s more than just sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
  • does not enhance algae growth
  • is phosphate/caustic free
  • “hardens” the colors of your koi fish and they will become brighter and crisper in harder water
  • Boost your pH and KH  to a safe level

How much pond water will Buff-it-Up treat?

There is no set amount of Buff-it-Up™ or any other KH booster that should be used for all ponds. As we all know, no two ponds are the same when it comes to the carbonate hardness of the water.

Buff-It-Up Application Rates: Check your total alkalinity, if it is below 120 ppm, add one level measuring cup of Buff-it-Up per 2,000 gallons of water, or one tablespoon per 300 gallons and recheck total alkalinity 2 hours later. An ideal total alkalinity would be 120-240 ppm.

Repeat dosage to achieve and maintain 120+ total alkalinity. Do not exceed 400 total alkalinity

Available sizes: 4 lb, 8 lb and 25 lb.