Arctic Blend™ winter pond care


For garden and pond use only! NOT for fish used for human consumption.

You can refrigerate Arctic Blend™, however, it can also be stored at room temperature of 65 degrees F or below.

You do not have to mix Arctic Blend™ with pond water. Just measure the correct amount for your pond and add it to your pond, no mixing. *NOTE: * never mix any Aqua Meds koi fish medications or natural pond bacteria products with tap water. The chlorine in the tap water will harm the “microbes” in the product.


Q How does Arctic Blend™ remove ammonia from frigid pond water when it’s a known fact that “nitrifying bacteria” which keeps ammonia and nitrites at zero does not perform in cold water?

A Here’s how it works. Arctic Blend™ IS NOT a “nitrifying bacteria”. Arctic Blend™ is formulated with billions of natural unique microbes that act like sponges, absorbing the ammonia from your pond water. Then these unique microbes process the ammonia through their system, rendering the ammonia harmless to your fish. You never have the common “nitrifying bacteria nitrogen cycle” which is, high ammonia then high nitrites and at last, less toxic nitrates when using Arctic Blend. The best part is, Arctic Blend™ is 100% Natural!!