Aqua Medzyme Dry Precautions

Aqua Meds Aqua Medzyme Dry

Please remember, Aqua MedZyme is a 100% natural pond bacteria. Products like water conditioners, Aqua Prazi, Medi-Koi, Buff-it-Up, Arctic Blend or “probiotic” products will not harm Aqua MedZyme.

Products that contain antibiotics or chemicals such as Formalin, potassium permanganate or others will set back the Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria in your koi pond. After using antibiotics or chemicals do a partial water change and add carbon to your pond filter for 24 hours if possible. Wait another 24 hours, remove the carbon, then, triple the “maintenance dosage” of Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria for the next two weeks.

NOTE: Never mix any Aqua Meds Products with TAP water. The chlorine in the tap water will damage the natural “microbes” beneficial pond bacteria and medications in our products. Use good clean pond water.