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Q. What is Aqua MedZyme and how does Aqua MedZyme work?

A: Aqua MedZyme is a 100% natural biological formula of bacteria, enzymes and micro nutrients, NO chemicals, NO antibiotics.

Now here’s how Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria works:

The bad bacteria in your koi pond water that causes many of your koi pond fish health problems are Aeromonas, Pseudomonas and other gram negative or gram positive bacteria.

When the natural beneficial pond bacteria in Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria is introduced into pond water, Aqua MedZyme will compete for the same food (competitive excluder) that these bad bacteria survive on and starve them out to levels so low that they can not hurt your koi pond fish.

Plus, Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria besides being a competitive excluder (starves out) the bad bacteria it’s also very unique that it produces a small peptide that is a natural barrier to gram negative pathogens and only Aqua MedZyme has this extra biological trait.

Aqua Medzyme beneficial pond bacteria has also been found by a leading aquaculture university to produce long term immunity to some water borne pathogens in fish fingerlings exposed to Medzyme for 10 consecutive days. Even when fish were re-exposed to disease they were still resistant to gram negative bacteria.


Q: I read that KoiZyme has app. 400,000 to 500,000 CFU/ml. What does CFU/ml. mean?

A. CFU/ml. stands for “Colony Forming Units per Milliliter”, that means that each ml of KoiZyme contains 400,000 to 500,000 bacteria per ml. Aqua MedZyme Liquid has over 750,000,000 CFU/ml. Yes! seven hundred and fifty MILLION!!
Aqua MedZyme *Dry concentrate *has over 1,000,000,000 CFU/g yes, over ONE BILLION!


Q: What is the average count of CFU/mL for Aeromonas/Pseudomonas in a pond?

A. Some web sites say Aeromonas/Pseudomonas has a concentration of 25,000 CFU to maybe 50,000 CFU/ml. in highly infected fish ponds. Yes, these counts can be highly infective but you can’t say its the average count that will be found. We have seen levels of Aeromonas/Pseudomonas much higher than even 150,000 cfu/ml. in some fish ponds.

There is no set concentration of Aeromonas/Pseudomonas that will be found in a pond. Each individual environment, stocking density of fish, mechanical filtration and biological filtration have an effect on the amount of any pathogen found in the pond water.

All ponds can vary depending upon the water quality and other factors. Whether you’re dealing with a count of 25,000 CFU/ml or over 150,000 CFU/ml of “BAD bacteria” you need an extra strong natural product like Aqua MedZyme to do the job.

The more “Good Bacteria” like Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria you can place in your koi fish pond, the faster they will consume the “food” that the Aeromonas and Pseudomonas needs for survival and starve them to levels so low they can’t hurt your koi pond fish. The faster you remove the Aeromonas and Pseudomonas the healthier your fish pond and koi fish will be.

Aqua MedZyme Liquid has over 750,000,000 CFU/ml. Yes! seven hundred and fifty MILLION!!
Aqua MedZyme Dry concentrate has One Billion CFU/g that’s a very big “hungry army” of “good bacteria” to eat up the same food as the Aeromonas/Pseudomonas.

Aqua MedZyme will keep your pond fish safe from the “bad bacteria” in your koi fish pond! That’s what makes Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria Dry concentrate the number one choice of successful pond keepers across the U.S.


Q: Does Aqua MedZyme need to be refrigerated?

A: Aqua MedZyme Dry does not have to be refrigerated and has a “Shelf Life” of three years or more.


Q: How can Aqua MedZyme Dry concentrate stay effective for 3 years or more?

A: Aqua MedZyme’s beneficial pond bacteria formula of specilized bacillus bacteria are incubated to an end point where their food souce is totally consumed. At this time the Bacillus species form special spores that are in an encapsulated resting state.

The spores are very resistant and are not activated again until they are put into the Koi Pond, whereby they recognize a food source, wake up and go into the heavy multiplication state. Aqua MedZyme Dry concentrate is sold in spore form only and can last for years and remain viable in this stage.


Q: Is it true that Aqua MedZyme can be used when the water temp is as low as 40 degrees?

A: Yes, it’s true! That’s what makes Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria Dry concentrate so unique. You can treat your koi fish pond first thing in the spring with the pond water temp as low as 40 degrees (gives you a jump on the bad bacteria in your koi pond before they become harmful to your koi pond fish) and right up to 40 degree water in the fall. Really cuts back on the bad bacteria before your koi pond fish go down for their long winters nap.


Q: Does the KH (carbon hardness) of my pond water affect Aqua MedZyme?

A: KH measures the calcium carbonate in your koi pond water and is vital to the growth and survival of the beneficial bacteria (good bacteria) in your pond filter which keeps your koi pond healthy. Aqua MedZyme is a natural biological product and needs KH to thrive.

For Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria and your bio-filter to function properly a KH “carbon hardness” reading of at least 120-180 is the best. Remember, the “Good Bacteria” in your pond filter, all the other bacteria, good or bad and your fish in your pond are using up the KH in your koi pond water everyday to survive.


Q: Is Aqua MedZyme a medication or antibiotic?

A: Aqua MedZyme is not a medication or antibiotic. Aqua MedZyme is made up of natural microbes, micro nutrients, probiotics, and enzymes. NO medications, antibiotics or harmful chemicals of any kind. 100% natural pond bacteria!!


Q: Do I shut off my U.V. light when using Aqua MedZyme?

A: Shut off your U.V. Light, but keep the water pump running through the U.V. for the first three initial treatments only. Then turn your U.V. Light on for the rest of the season once you start the “Maintenance” treatment.


Q: When do I start using Aqua MedZyme and for how long?

A: As soon as your pond water in the spring reaches and stays at 40 degrees day and night for a week, start treating with the five initial treatments and then follow the directions for the “Maintenance Dosage”. Keep treating your koi fish pond all year until your koi pond water drops below 40 degrees in the fall.


Q: Does pond water temperature affect the dosage rate of Aqua MedZyme?

A: Yes, at lower pond water temps the natural pond bacteria in Aqua MedZyme are not be very active in low temps below 40 degrees F.

Q: What is the dosage rate of Aqua MedZyme DRY concentrate ?

Maintenance Dosage Rate for DRY Aqua MedZyme

100 to 2,500 gallon pond
** 40 to 49 degrees — Triple normal dosage of 1/2 Tbsp to 1.5 Tbsp
** 50 to 62 degrees — Double normal dosage of 1/2 Tbsp to 1 Tbsp
** 63 and above — normal dosage of one half tablespoon every two weeks

Maintenance Dosage Rate for DRY Aqua MedZyme

2,501 to 5,000 gallon pond
** 40 to 49 degrees — Triple normal dosage of 1 Tbsp to 3 Tbsp
** 50 to 62 degrees — Double normal dosage of 1 Tbsp to 2 Tbsp
** 63 and above — normal dosage of one tablespoon every two weeks

Note: measuring scoop enclosed with every order of DRY Aqua MedZyme


Q: Has the Aqua MedZyme formula ever been tested by outside sources?

A: Sure has, by many qualified sources. Here’s just a few:

Aqua MedZyme Product Formulation
The formula used to produce Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria Liquid and Dry Products has been tested extensively in Koi Ponds, Commercial Aquaculture Applications, Private Veterinary laboratories and University Studies. No other probiotic formula has undergone such extensive testing and review in commercial aquatic conditions against a variety of pathogenic organisms.

Aqua MedZyme’s™ beneficial pond bacteria formula has been tested against the following gram negative pathogenic microbes that can cause severe mortalities is many fish species. Aeromonas, Psuedomonas, Vibrio, Streptococcus, Allococcus, ESC (Eduarselli icturis) and Columnaris.

Aqua MedZyme probiotic has been found effective against these gram negative pathogens in the aquatic environment of Water Garden Ponds, Koi Ponds as well as many commercial fish farm applications.

No other probiotic formula has undergone such extensive testing under severe conditions. Aqua MedZyme has been tested in water borne applications for Koi, Goldfish and other fish species and is the only probiotic to undergo major testing in real world commercial farms.


The Benefits of Antimicrobial Peptides
Antimicrobial peptides (also called host defence peptides) are an evolutionarily conserved component of the innate immune response produced by specialized Bacillus probiotic microbes.

Aqua MedZyme produces a small peptide that has been shown to out compete or control gram negative pathogens through peptide production and competitive exclusion in both the aquatic aqueous environment or through systemic application. This action is unique among probiotic products.

These peptides are potent, broad spectrum antimicrobial proteins which demonstrate potential as novel therapeutic agents. Antimicrobial peptides have been demonstrated to kill gram negative bacteria (including strains that are resistant to conventional antibiotics), enveloped viruses, and fungi.

Unlike the majority of conventional antibiotics it appears as though antimicrobial peptides may also have the ability to enhance immunity of treated fish. This formula used in the preparation of Aqua MedZyme is what sets it apart from conventional so called probiotics.


Aqua MedZyme™ beneficial pond bacteria Enhances Nitrification
Aqua MedZyme will not harm beneficial microbes and is used in conjunction with beneficial microbial products. It will not harm biofilter microbes such as Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacters, but in fact will enhance nitrification through competitive exclusion of heterotrophic microbes that tend to block efficient nitrification.

New studies indicate more potential benefits from using Aqua MedZyme™
New studies have indicated the Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria treatments given on a continuous treatment for 7 days may cause inborn immunity in certain species of fingerling fish so that fish remain resistant to infection once re-exposed. Continuing university studies are looking into this mechanism and the potential for an aqueous vaccine using the Aqua MedZyme formula. This formula represents a major breakthrough in Probiotic treatment and the potential to help all fish keeping operations without the use of antibiotics.


When you look for quality probiotic product you want to rely on a product like Aqua MedZyme, that has been extensively tested in commercial applications world wide and one strong enough to do the job right. There is no other formula like Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria for the Water Garden, Koi and Goldfish Pond. The Quality is in the science.


Q: Can salt be used when treating with Aqua MedZyme?

A: Aqua MedZyme works well in fresh or salt water.


Q: Can Aqua MedZyme be used with other pond products?

A: That depends on which products you are using. Products like water conditioners, Aqua Prazi, Medi-Koi, Buff-it-Up. Arctic Blend or “probiotic” products will not harm Aqua MedZyme. Products that contain antibiotics or chemicals such as Formalin, potassium permanganate or others will set back the Aqua MedZyme in your pond. After using antibiotics or chemicals do a partial water change and add carbon to your pond filter for 24 hours if possible. Wait another 24 hours, then, triple the “”maintenance dosage” for the next two weeks.

Note: Never use chemicals or antibiotics during the first 5 initial treatment of Aqua MedZyme.


Q: Will Aqua MedZyme set back my “good bacteria” in my pond filter?

A: Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria will not set back your pond filter, in fact, it will help your pond filter establish the “Good Bacteria” it needs to keep you pond free from ammonia and nitrites.


Q: My fish have Ulcers, should I increase the Aqua MedZyme dosage?

A: Yes, a double dose will not hurt your koi pond fish and will increase the rate the Aqua MedZyme will starve out the Aeromonas. However, if the ulcers are deep and advanced, the koi fish should be treated with a good antibiotic medicated fish food like Medi-Koi.


Q: Can I over dose Aqua MedZyme?

A: It is almost impossible to overdose with Aqua MedZyme, however, like everything else there is a limit.


Q: Does the dosage per 1,000 gallons work for all ponds?

A: No two fish ponds or water gardens are the same, every koi fish pond and water garden has a different koi fish load and pond filter. If the koi pond is over stocked and / or has a poor pond filter, it will take more Aqua MedZyme beneficial pond bacteria, sometimes as much as three times the dosage rate on the label. However, we found 80% to 90% of all ponds respond well to the label dosage.